“New people from different culture, different views, but same energy” • Tina Dalalishvili

Hi, I’m Tina and this is my first project in Erasmus + and I would love to tell you why I’m thankful for BITISI which managed to take me to such an amazing trip to Portugal.

First of all, seeing this beautiful country and meeting local people was the one thing I was really looking forward. I loved their culture, their food and most importantly how friendly they were. We also went to wine factory and tasted different kinds of local wine, that was really enjoyable and tasty at the same time. I loved loved loved the participants I met there, I have never imagined that I would be meeting such wonderful people. We spent amazing times together not only on projects but on alone time too. We kind of got to be friends in those few days. I thought that I knew them for already very very long time. I was also very excited because even though I could not participate in march I could give my opinions on how that project would go on and etc. It’s amazing how much opportunities this program gives you, I think it changes you a lot, you meet new people from different culture, different views, but same energy, you become friends with them and after the project you wonder if you would ever met them without this opportunity. So thank you and hope this project would not be my first and last.