“First month of volunteering in Cyprus” • Saba Khujadze

So, quarantine is going to last long… But, notwithstanding it does not mean that I have already given up with my dreams to make them come true. I am keeping to get familiar with this situation and trying to develop myself during quarantine. I have already met lots of people with excellent features, I managed to introduce myself, my tradition, my culture for locals. Primary school – it is the place where I found very interesting children with surprising skills.

Elderly club – place where I meet people similar to my grandmother and grandfather – huge amount of the best wishes to them. A separate island Cyprus is full of beautiful, rarely common places. Indigenous people who are trying their best to make us feel like we are parts of their community. I love them and appreciate very much. I had already really the best moments here in Cyprus, but I think that one of the best was when I danced with locals at a party. Georgian traditional dances had an abnormal style for them. They were not going to be fed up with my movements at all. In other words, they wanted me to keep dancing non-stop. I wanted to present Georgian traditional dishes to other volunteers, because some of them know how tasty dishes we have. They asked me to make the coolest ones from Georgian cuisine. I decided to make Khachapuri. I asked them for a help and we made it together. After eating with pleasure they told me that it was amazing.

13th of March, 2020 it was one of colleague’s birthday. We wanted to celebrate it with our friends. Other volunteers from another project visited us, locals also came to our home. We had excellent party.

Every year they have carnival in Cyprus. This video is taken during the carnival at primary school. We enjoyed a lot. It was very funny occasion in my life.

Laloma, a girl from Brazil who was living with us, was a professional volleyball player. Once upon a time, we attended her match. But because of COVID19 she had to go to Brazil. One of the things I have learnt from Laloma was a sentence in Portuguese: “somos uma granda familia” that means “we are a big family”.

Greek, but not only Greek, Russian, they both are still big challenges for me, which I want to “catch” and learn. Finally, I can unconditionally point out that by the end of this project, I will be a person who has absolutely felt himself. I want to keep myself close to Erasmus+ projects and I hope my future is going to be full of interesting moments.