Aiming For Equ(ALL)ity • Youth Exchange

BITISI has sent 5 Georgian participants to Vila Nova de Tazem, Portugal where they attended youth exchange “Aiming For Equ(ALL)ity” covered by Erasmus +.

Dates: March 5-10, 2020

Place: Vila Nova de Tazem, Portugal

Participating countries: Belgium, Georgia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Croatia and Portugal.

Project Description

The social problem identified is the social exclusion and discrimination suffered by young people due to their gender, mainly in rural areas. The goal was to promote gender equality, social inclusion and interculturality in youth through a set of activities that enable the promotion of new initiatives and enable young people the ability to modify social behaviours. Through a youth empowering, we aimed to balance the power between women and men, as well as, give them power to change the social behaviour on their social spheres by developing their social and personal skills for action and active participation on the society.


“Aiming For Equ(ALL)ity” started with Advance Planning Visit. 14 participants from each participating country had 2-day-meeting at the venue in order to get to know each other, create an action plan had more information to spread for their national teams.

During the Youth Exchange participants were engaged in various activities. Along with discussions, workshops and role plays related to gender issues, participants were able to explore different sites of Portugal, visit a cheese factory, winery, make crafts for women’s day, hike & experience local life of Vila Nova de Tazem.

You can read stories of Georgian participants to know more about the project: Lizi Chimakadze, Tsabuna Nakulashvili, Giorgi Ekaladze, Maia Kurtanidze, Tina Dalalishvili, Levan Niparishvili.