Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Policy • International Conference

Youth entrepreneurship is an important impetus for stimulating economic development through job creation, innovation and competitiveness in many countries; however its potential has yet to be fully leveraged. In some countries, this concept has existed for nearly half a century while in others it has only just recently become a part of the public discourse.

International Conference “Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Policy” was held in the framework of the Erasmus+ funded project “Social Entrepreneurship for Disadvantaged Youth Social Integration”and implemented at Ambassador Hotel, Tbilisi on 27-28 September, 2019 . The aim of the Conference was to bring together the professional working in the field of social entrepreneurship and youth policies in the project countries and beyond.

The conference participants discussed work integration social enterprises (focusing on disadvantaged youth social integration through work) good practices, supportive public policies as well as other related topics.

Main topics discussed:

– What is the role of social economy, social enterprises, and social entrepreneurship to increase youth employment opportunities and to generate social development?
– What are the national youth policies and advocacy strategies for developing social entrepreneurship oriented on youth social integration through work?
– How to support the development of structures and mechanisms to increase the entrepreneurial competencies and transversal skills of young people, particularly of disadvantaged groups?
– What are networking opportunities and experience sharing in social entrepreneurship and youth related issues?