About Us

BITISI is a space for Georgian youth to foster their personal development. We provide you with a wide range of local and international projects which will help you meet like-minded people, improve your knowledge, get engaged in discussions/ presentations/ workshops and create something valuable by yourself.

The abbreviation of BITISI itself stands for “Because I Take It Seriously” – in this respect, BITISI team concentrates on understanding essential needs of target groups and giving them a needed value to improve their competencies. Organizational way of working is based on non-formal educational methods. BITISI uses game-based learning methods to promote expressing emotions, proactiveness of attendees, and to foster social inclusion. Organizers of our projects are mainly volunteers. BITISI provides motivated youngsters with opportunities to learn, bring personal ideas and get needed support.

We organize local projects on the topics of non-formal education, gamification, social inclusion, sports, entrepreneurship in Tbilisi, Georgia. We meet local youngsters and analyze their needs, create solutions to their issues and apply to foster their personal development. Our efforts are based on voluntary work of the citizens. We accept volunteers initiatives and help them be realized for a good cause.

So far we have been involved in international projects under Erasmus +, European Commission and Visegrad Funds. We are working on our ideas together with our international partners in different countries of the world. We have organized Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, participated in Contact Making and Partnership Building Seminars. Our projects are open to every interested youth in Georgia. We publish calls for participants and select most relevant youth for our international mobilities.

We send Georgian volunteers abroad under the European Solidarity Corps programme. This is a short/ long-term opportunity provided by Erasmus + and it is open to young people aged 18-30. Volunteers live in a country of European Union and get engaged in wide range of activities. All expenses of a volunteer regarding accommodation, visa, traveling, food, activities are covered by the programme. No previous experience is required.

You can find some moments from our projects in the Stories section.

Our Fields

youth Entrepreneurship

Enforced by the connections with local universities we organize public lectures in order to motivate attendees to find which career paths they would better take, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how to take personal initiatives and get pleasure by doing the things they like.

Non-formal Learning

The philosophy of BITISI is based on non-formal education. Since the creation of the organization, we have been organizing workshops for high-school and university students in Tbilisi in order to raise the awareness of non-formal and informal learning.

Social Inclusion

In order to respect the equality we organize activities with the purpose of inducing the sense for tolerance among young people. We organize different key actions under Erasmus + programme and share the results with our local community.

Healthy Lifestyle

We organize various activities to raise the awareness of importance of being healthy. It starts with social promotions, meetings, engagements in sports, organizing competitions. BITISI has strong connections with sport organizations and ministry of sport and youth.