Literature Club


BITISI Literature Club is a space for young people to socialize and discuss books, share their ideas and network. If you are looking for a place where you can share your opinions, make friends and find supportive, encouraging environment, this club is for you! We are looking forward to new club members !


We have regular meetings, workshops through that we share ideas, experience, ways of development to each other. Club members represent different interests in literature that adds value to our activities.

You pay nothing but get everything from this experience!

Some activities carried out in the club

“Modern Literature”

Club members get familiar with news in literature and share their opininions and advices to each other.


Literature club members created an online library where they upload new books from time to time and benefit mutually from the common resources.

“Guram Dochanashvili”

Club members created a poster for the memory of the life of Guram Dochanashvili. The poster described the life and works of the Georgian prose writer and historian.

“Franz Kafka”

Members discussed several works of Franz Kafka – “The Judgement”, “A Country Doctor”, “Crossbreed”. We watched videos about the life of Kafka. We discussed and discovered the characteristics of Franz Kafka’s style.

“A Country Doctor”

Club members watched the movie about “A Country Doctor”. There was a discussion about similarities and differencies between the movie and the book.

…and much more!

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