Career Club


BITISI Career Club gives its members a chance to practice career skills by actually practicing. If you are looking for a place where you can practice skills, make friends and find supportive, encouraging environment, this club is for you! We are looking forward to new club members !


We learn through energizers, games, role playing and creative activities. Club members share ideas, experience, ways of development to each other. They represent different working career interests that adds value to our activities.

You pay nothing but get everything from this experience!

Some activities carried out in the club

Workshop on the career choices in Justice.

Club members explored different directions in Justice and worked on presentations. The results were presented to each other.

Ted Talks for self-development.

Members were introduced with Ted Talks. They watched some talks together and had a discussion/ reflection afterwards.

Workshop on the career choices in Psychology.

Club members invited a student from Psychology faculty and discussed pros and cons of being a spychologist.

Erasmus + opportunities

Members discussed Erasmus + formal and non-formal learning opportunities. They were introduced to some stories and examples related to Erasmus +.

“My Profession”

Club members made presentations about ther career development. They identified their strong and weak sides and discussed which professions would most likely fit them.

CV/ Motivation letter

Members discussed matters of a resume and a motivation letter. They talked about their structure and ways to make them. In the end, they all created their own CVs and Motivation letters.

…and much more!

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