Eco Club


Eco club is created to empower youngsters to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. Club members assert the importance of ‘learning to live sustainably’. They share ideas; improve their eco-knowledge and strive for a better world to live in.


Activities vary from small eco-campaigns to large-scale projects. Club members have weekly meetings where they exchange ideas and plan future activities. They do clean the environment; join environmental campaigns; volunteer; organize workshops/ meetings/ presentations.

You pay nothing but get everything from this experience!

Some activities carried out in the club


Club members invited an eco activitist – Veriko Kuprava. The meeting was on the topic of recyling. Participants watched some youtube videos and raised their awareness on the topic.

The Big Bang Theory

Club members invited a guest – Mirian Makadze – who talked about the Big Bang Theory.

“The earth I see with my eyes”

Eco Club of BITISI organized a competetion for young people on the topic of ecology. The aim was to see how youth see the earth, which problems they can identify and how we can raise the awareness of measures we can have to protect our environment.

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