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We joined Erasmus in 2019. Since that time we have built many strong partnerships and implemented many projects with organizations from the EU, Eastern Partnership countries, South-Mediterranean area, etc. Topics we have covered are diverse: social inclusion, cultures, climate, solidarity, NFE, gamification, entrepreneurship, volunteering and much more.

We worked under Key Action 105/ 152/ 153 projects as we are organizing youth exchanges and training courses ourselves. We take both roles – Hosting and Sending and in this way we brushed up our expertise in Erasmus. We are also building our network under the Key Action 2.

In case you would like to have your project in Georgia, look no further and get in touch with us. We are based in Tbilisi, but we also offer locations in mountains (Bakuriani, Borjomi) and on the seaside (Kobuleti, Batumi, Anaklia).

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