Aiming By Gaming • Youth Exchange • August 22-31, 2019 • Varna, Bulgaria

BITISI has sent 5 Georgian participants to Varna, Bulgaria where they attended youth exchange “Aiming By Gaming” covered by Erasmus +.

Dates: August 22-31, 2019

Place: Varna, Bulgaria

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Armenia, Hungary and Italy.

Sessions were organized in a way to raise the knowledge and awareness of gamification and game-based learning. Georgian Participants actively participated in workshops, presentations, simulations, games. At the end of the project they had an opportunity to share Georgian culture and traditions by presenting our food, dances, drinks and interesting facts.

Project Description

The main problem we addressed is that we enhanced skills and competencies of young people including people with fewer opportunities by promoting social inclusion, dialogue and solidarity. We engaged motivated youth, shared the concept of gamification and discussed the issues in motivating young people during different projects. As youth organizations, the goal of our partnership was to improve our competences and involve young people to make a tangible impact on the projects that we are organizing – we found new ways of engaging participants, new approaches and new solutions.
Eventually, we raised awareness of game-based learning and gamification. Participants learned from facilitators and from each other. They were provided with different examples of organizations/companies that implement these approaches and ultimately participants tried out these games together. Moreover, we organized a local project during the youth exchange in order to evaluate the skills they have learnt and developed. Participants worked on dissemination activities and helped society grow whilst having their own skills improved. They were enabled to bring new ideas to projects and influence the outcome of it.

Here you can read the stories of Georgian Participants: Elene Lezhava, Mamuka Lezhava, Ani Kveladze, Sandro Makasarashvili, Levan Niprishvili.