Social Inclusion for Better Future • Stories

BITISI has sent 5 Georgian participants to Bansko, Bulgaria where they attended youth exchange “Social Inclusion for Better Future” covered by Erasmus +.

Dates: November 20 – December 1, 2019

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey and Italy.

Here we are! We came back and feel happy to share our stories.

Salome Salia: “Youth Exchange “Social Inclusion for Better future” literally has opened up a new world for me. During the project, we had interactive, fun and interesting sessions. We played different emotion-based or psychological games. The main objective of this project was to increase our empathy toward people who are facing exclusion in life. The most important part? the outdoor challenge for sure. I can tell, that I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried to do my best as a group leader. We were on our own for 50 hours without food, money, phones or place to sleep (even though we slept in a four-star hotel). In that time I realized that humanity and generous people still exist. During those 2 days we hitchhiked, we tried Bulgarian food “баница”, we danced, we sang and the most important thing – we’ve got a chance to visit social centers for people with disabilities. The people I met and the friends I made become an inseparable part of my life. You guys are amazing. Thanks for the most incredible two weeks I have ever had in my life”.

Nino Gachechiladze: “I had an amazing experience with Erasmus+ project “Social Inclusion For Better Future”. Every day which I spent on this project was unforgettable. I had an opportunity to meet new people and get know new cultures. Also, daily tasks we took on the sessions were sometimes a little bit weird, we were out of our comfort zones and that’s exactly when we learnt a lot of things about ourselves and the society. To be honest, I fell in love with people I met during this project and I’m happy that I had a chance to get know all this beautiful people and have a good time with them”.

Nana Deisadze: “Being a part of a big family, giving advises to each others, helping to find new youth projects, sharing our days and emotions”- this is what we have today after the project SOCIAL INCLUSION-FOR BETTER FUTURE. I learned how to believe in myself and how to be brave, how hard it is to be excluded from the society and how easy it is to help unknown people. I believe that no matter when, how and why you are in pain, in trouble or in disappointment, you can do everything! Just do it and stop overthinking, the best memories in our life happens occasionally”.

Eduard Jikia: “My short but unbelievable history about Bansko starts in Georgia, when I met Georgian participants – 5 amazing girls. This Erasmus+ project was second for me. This experience was unforgettable because of so many reasons. In this project were participants from 6 countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy. In Bansko I met a lot of wonderful people, I can’t forget them because we became so close to each other. Every day we had activities and assignments so that we were spending all our time together. I cannot express my admiration for one particular activity that involved staying in the city for 2 days without a phone, without a license and only with water. We ourselves had to find ways to get what we needed. I won’t miss the people I met there. They were very friendly, lovable and wonderful and of course I still have contacts with them.

Finally, I would like to thank  BITISI for allowing me to participate in this project and to be a member of this great family. I hope I will be able to participate again in Erasmus+ project”.

Mariam Nozadze: “Taken part in my first erasmus+ made me believe even having participated in lots of projects there are always some new things to discover! This were totally different 12 days of my life which showed me the other aspects of myself and other people as well. The most important I have taken with me is the friends who I met there as we became like a family in such a short time. One of the most memorable activities was the one which made us live for two days without any phones, money, or a place to sleep. Just only then I started to believe that whatever happens in life there are left some people who can give without expecting to get anything back, that there are people who can empathize with totally unknown people and give shelter, food, … just anything what’s needed.

Through this experience I learned once more to see things from different people’s eye, to be happy with whatever I already have and start tending to change something what I wish it were differently.

So much thanks to my sending organization BITISI as they chose me among other great candidacies. And thanks everyone who played even a small role in this amazing experience”.

Tamar Kasheishvili: “It was a great pleasure to be part of this amazing project! I spent very informative, interesting and special 11 days. Learned a lot of things during the whole project, especially interesting things about myself. I developed an ability on how to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, how to be a better leader. I learned how to overcome my fairs and take challenges as opportunity”.