Poland – 8 Months

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Volunteering project in Poland, Silesia in frame of the project Cross-border culture and entrepreneurship is Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego proposition. We are looking for 1 young volunteer in age 18-30 to take part in the ESC volunteering project in Silesia region in Poland.

Receiving and Coordinating organization:  Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Duration: 8 months
Start: 15/08/2020
End:  14/04/2021
Location: Wola village (43-225), Silesian Region, southern Poland (near Tychy, Pszczyna and Katowice cities)
Placements: in total 1

We can offer:
– learning methods of work in cultural center;
– experience and interesting contacts
– experience in organizing large cultural events
– learning and using innovative and creative methods in working with children and young people
– possibility of developing own ideas for the workshops and their independent implementation
– knowledge of Silesia in the context of culture and customs, as well as knowledge about cultural differences and the ability to deal with them in everyday life
– active and constructive participation in the social life of our local community
– project management skills and time

Proposed activities:
I) Promotion, development and dissemination entrepreneurial attitudes:

1) Creation together with the organization and carrying out Entrepreneurial Point:
– preparation for the job interview – simulation of the interview / sample questions
– conducting CV writing workshops – promoting the CV version in Europass
– conducting motivational letters writing workshops
– conducting Visualize your future activities
– motivation and the art of achieving goals Workshops at the movie basis : “The Social Network” or “Jerry Maguire” – movie and lecture.
– conducting body language during the interview trainings
– conducting workshops on self-presentation and public speeches
– conducting negotiation and argumentation workshops
– conducting  workshops on effective communication e.t.c..

2) Dissemination and promotion volunteering
– meetings with school youth,students and alumni as a way of acquiring work experience and improve their employability 
– providing workshops, presentations, lectures and social campaigns;

3) Promote entrepreneurial attitudes
Activities predicted for school children,students and adults – social activities like organizing events,implementation small-projects. Examples:
a) „Entrepreneurship from kindergarten” – classes, workshops dedicated to pre-school children (visit to local kindergartens or organize a workshop in a rented room)
– learning about different professions (eg grouping by pictures)
– saving activities: money, water, electricity (eg Concept map)
– We get to know the money: coins and banknotes
– Artistic competitions: who I want to become as I grow up
– Theme party “Shop” – shop corner, division into roles, paper money
– Fun “Truth and falsehood” (advertising, promotion, price cuts in stores)
– Mini quiz of economic knowledge (what is work? What is money? What does it mean to buy / sell? Etc.) e.t.c

4) Promotion, development and dissemination of active social and professional integration through the exchange of good practices from volunteer’s home country

5) PR and promotion activities
– creating / updating a database of current volunteering projects, youth exchanges, aborad trainings, internship projects, volunteering / co-financing for own business in the area/ neighborhood for presentation at the Entrepreneurial Point

6) teaching English and your native language local inhabistants.

II) Promotion of European Union and European Solidarity Corps  Programme:

1) Organisation of meetings with local youth where will be presented goals and principles of ESC Programme and encouraging youth to take part in projects realised by the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme, in particular in volunteering projects;

2) Promotion of the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme among the non-governmental organizations form the region,which are interested in hosting volunteers from abroad or in taking part in other propositions supported by the EU;

3) Promotion of common activities and programmes, supported by EU others than Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes;

4) The promotion of EU and one’s own country by organizing different workshops, conferences,exhibitions,meetings with youth etc;

Apply Now!

If interested, please fill the Application Form in English: Application form_FRSP_new and send it with your CV to emails: bitis.ge@gmail.com and natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu. In the e-mail title please write: “Cross-border entrepreneurship”.