“It is important to prove to yourself that you can achieve great results” • Ana Karanadze

Ana Karanadze is a Georgian volunteer who will join organization Polish Robert Schuman Foundation in Warsaw, Poland and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps projects funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“My name is Ana, I’m 21 years old, I am a last year student of international relations at Ilia State University. My field combines colossal amount of topics such as interdisciplinary in nature, examine topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment and etc. I can boldly say, experience that is provided by my receiving organization is full with numerous opportunities to be involved with diverse people and situations, learn from them and teach, that opportunity is more than relevant to my profession.

From my past experiences working as a volunteer in Czech Republic as a teacher I learned the art of presenting myself and giving speeches. In addition, I learned how to remain personable yet respectable in front of an audience. So, being a teacher has boosted my confidence and my presentation skills. I also gained a lot of joy from teaching and seeing others grow in their peace, that experience may have been the best decision I could have made. Since that  I have always keen to start some volunteering work. Volunteering for “Schuman Solidarity Crew” in Poland will be another such opportunity, that will increase my knowledge and possibilities.

I believe it is important to prove to yourself that you can achieve great results, and for a charitable cause. It is perhaps the most satisfying experience to act for others rather than for yourself. This insight is important for youngsters to learn, as they often think about personal gain only. It is key for youth to comprehend that perhaps the greatest success is to provide success for others.

I want to thank “Schuman Solidarity Crew” and “Bitisi” youth organization for their positive influence in communities” – Ana Karanadze.