“I am expecting new friends, new memories, new experiences, and big love” • Elene Tsikarishvili

Elene Tsikarishvili is a Georgian volunteer who will join POLITES Association in Szczecin, Poland and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“Generally, volunteering brings changes in your life and after that you are more confident, more independent, more experienced. Then, you know what you want to do in your life, also, you will discover who you are and understand who you want to be…

I’m Elene, I’m 22 years old. I’m studying psychology and I’m finishing now. After that, I was going to continue studying children psychology, but before that, I wanted to get some practice about my future profession and start to find some volunteering jobs, I found some projects even this one where you can be a volunteer in a kindergarten, so this was a great opportunity for me to get big and interesting experience about my profession and after that, I was reading some volunteers letters where they were talking about their experience, about their happy days, about their new friends and new big experience and thought that that’s amazing and you should be part of this hilarious moments. So, I found a project in Poland but not this one. This project was almost the same and they called me, we had an interview, but they didn’t choose me and I was so upset but I was thinking that it’s okay, so, I start searching other programs and this project was this one which called me and said to me that I was chosen and after that, I was excited and nervous because I realized this was my biggest chance. For this speech, I want to say everyone to never give up!

It’s difficult to talk about what my future experience will be like, because I have never been in another country, I have never lived with foreign people. I am almost not talking in English even with friends and I don’t know polish even one word. Right now, I’m sitting and thinking that 10 month isn’t little and maybe I will have some difficulty but I’m sure this 10 month will be unforgettable and amazing. From this project, I’m expecting new friends, new memories, new experiences, and big love” – Elene Tsikarishvili.