“Discovering Baltic traditions and culture, namely, Lithuanian Language” • Mari Chopikashvili

Mari Chopikashvili is a Georgian volunteer who will join Vilniaus “Atgajos” specialioji mokykla in Vilnius, Lithuania and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“My name is Mari and I am a recently graduated student of MA degrees from Vytautas Magnus University in Lietuva. I have always been interested in exchange programs and gaining new experiences out of Georgia, that is why my first international experience is connected to my bachelor studies when I took part in AIESEC exchange programs. After that I decided to be actively focused on Lifelong Learning through discovering new worlds and cultures. This motivation led me to apply for a full master degree in Lietuva where I spent two amazing years studying with the opportunity to do two exchange mobilities under Erasmus+ in Spain and Poland too. This time was priceless for developing my personal skills in terms of adaptability, communication, making international friendships across the world and just widen my awareness about valued experiences in life. It is ultimately the most meaningful attempt to Never Stop Exploring.

I would definitely denote that the most valuable expectations of mine are related to improving myself as personally as well as professionally. While thinking about personal growth I mean discovering baltic traditions and culture, namely, Lithuanian Language. Despite the fact of my studies there I could not explore much about local internships because of my exchange studies in other countries. Therefore this volunteer program is a great opportunity to explore this country and become more familiar with its peculiarities.

All in all, I am sure that doing a volunteer program at Atgaja Special School will enrich my professional and educational experiences that will have a positive influence on developing my recruiting perspectives in the education sector. Besides, this volunteer program will be contributional to my personal growth as an international citizen and to continue facing valuable life experience with the help of cultural diversity. In addition to this, the volunteer program has a great opportunity to learn one more foreign language that increases my interest more towards it. Therefore my staying during the volunteer program in Lietuva is going to be really exciting and full of expectations, I am looking forward to meeting this new chance of life as a great way to be involved in social justice and challenging my own perspectives too” – Mari Chopikashvili.