“God! Next 6 months in Romania. Can’t believe it.” • Mariam Apriamashvili

Mariam Apriamashvili is a Georgian volunteer who will join ASOCIATIA CENTRUL REGIONAL DE ECONOMIE SOCIALA in Craiova, Romania and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“God! Next 6 months in Romania. Can’t believe it. How did it start? Let me tell you.

Firstly hey, Mariam is here. I’m 18 years old student from Georgia and yes, I should work as a volunteer in Romania shortly. It was my long-time dream to be part of a volunteering activity in a foreign country and it is amazing and kind of unbelievable that my wish one day came true. Be a volunteer is an enormous honor and by the way, it is a huge responsibility, the possibility to help others, make me motivated to do my best, use all of my resources and make a major effort to make positive changes in the community of Craiova, Romania.

Due to Covid-19 my major plans were canceled or postponed, however, I am going to make this disappointment into my strength and do my volunteering work with more inspiration, motivation, and confidence. The problem of social inclusion is a global challenge although, with intensive work with my future volunteer-friends, I am sure it will be paid back to the community of Craiova with beneficial, productive, and positive changes. I will be pleased if I am one of the volunteers, who make a better community through raising awareness about social inclusion.

I assume volunteering is the power of people, the force that helps find yourself, discover new opportunities, make a huge quantity of new friends, get in known with either local and global issues and then fight to emend them. On the way of volunteering, the process of discovering yourself is happening unconsciously and you get better and better every day for the environment.

I am thrilled about my plans regarding the “Story Box project”. I’m pretty sure the next 6 months will be highly beneficial for me. I’m thinking about the projects that I will implement in Romania. I am going to enjoy each minute of the working process there, as I am going to push the limits and get the results I wanted. Working with people with different backgrounds is another joy of the “Story Box project”, listening to their ideas, learning from them, exchange our thoughts and discuss projects and get the best solution that way.

I expect new unforgettable adventures, during project time I want to meet new friends, to get in known with Romanian culture, people, history and language by the way and most importantly to use my abilities to make positive changes in Craiova with my friends. Based on this, from the project, I expect to raise my personality and develop as a more individual and confident human” – Mariam Apriamashvili.