“You will never know what you might miss just because you are afraid of the failure.” • Nika Tatoshvili

Nika Tatoshvili is a Georgian volunteer who joined Associazione ALA – APS in Roccantica, Italy and carries out his long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what he says about his upcoming experience:

“Future is very much uncertain. I cannot be sure what happens with the decisions that I make in my life. But for me it has never been about being certain, rather it was about me putting myself out there in the world of uncertainty and endless opportunities. You will never know what you might miss just because you are afraid of the failure. I made the decision to volunteer in Italy very quickly. I think I needed to do something different this year that would challenge my thinking, open my mind, and help others on my way of personal development. I am not sure what exactly this path will lead me to, but I am sure that this is something I feel very passionate about and am ready to take up the challenge.

I am Nika from Georgia, 18 years old, an undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University in China. Like everyone, the past year has been really challenging for me since I did not have a chance to go to China and study in-person. This time being alone and thinking about what I want to do in the future made me realize that volunteering would be the logical and rewarding decision at this stage of my life. I started the searching process for volunteering positions across Europe and found the one that is in congruence with my values and enables me to explore world as much as possible. I will be in an organization called “Associazione ALA-APS mobilita” that aims to activate youth participation and facilitate youth aggregation in a rural Italian comune – Roccantica.

I am super excited to explore Italian language, and to get to know the Italian culture and values. I feel like such exposures and experiences are a great way of reflecting on yourself and opening your mind even wider. It makes you see the world with additional lenses. I believe during these 8 months I will grow as a person and contribute to something I feel very passionate about at the same time” – Nika Tatoshvili.