”be more courageous, get involved in volunteer programs,I promise that, this will be the most magical thing in your life” • Tatia Tsiklauri

Tatia Tsiklauri is a Georgian volunteer who joined Fundacja Kreatywnej Przestrzeni i Rozwoju CampoSfera, in Poland and carries out her short-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

Hello, I am Tatia, a second course student of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university and my future profession is sociology. For me every new situation is interesting and exciting and the routine life is the most boring. as everyone know 2020 was year of pandemic, covid- 19 became the permanent companion of our lives, we were locked at homes by this virus and couldn’t doing everything what we wanted, because of this I decided that I needed some news in my life and found the program “Super Heroes Volunteers- teams”, I know that this would be the biggest experience for me, this project would give me opportunities which would be used in any situation by me in every stage of my life.

In the beginning I didn’t know what was the main idea of this project, I just wanted some news, but when I decided that I wanted to be a participant of this project, I found more information and this program was becoming more interesting for me because of some reason. First of all, this project was about ecology and Bingo! I said that this is really for me and I need to be a part of this special „Trip”. Ecology is always an interesting space for me, when I was a school pupil I studied the subject whose name was „Labor” and the main goal of this subject was that we were involved in the work of ecology: we were cleaning gardens, planting trees and flowers and helping earth to breathe. Apart from this, my family has a farm and I have helped my parents since childhood and I have been doing everything that is important to work in this space, that’s why I gathered some experience on how to care about animals and how to help earth to be healthier and more clean. I always thought that ecological works would become a part of my life and the program of “Super Heroes Volunteers- teams” gave me a chance and I am very happy because of this.

Apart from this this program was special for me because this would be the beginning of new relationships and independent life. And I want to say to everyone my imaginations weren’t as exclusive and exciting as reality. People, my request is to use your chance and opportunities, be more courageous, get involved in volunteer programs. I promise that this will be the most magical thing in your life. Trust me this will be the biggest and most enjoyable experience for you. Programs like this help you to get to know yourself better, discover your area of interests, see the differences of other countries and cultures, meet new people and learn new things from them. Also these programs help you to share your emotions, attitudes, views, experiences and goals for foreign people, also projects like this help you to improve your abilities, discover weaknesses and work on them.