“We had interesting presentations, activities and shared information between countries” • Diana Tsiklauri

Hello, I am Diana from Georgia and I want to share you some information about my experience in youth exchange program, which called “think out of the box”.

First of all, let me tell you some details about my life. I am sociology student in Caucasus University. I have always had a job during my student life and one day all of this stuff became boring routine. At this time my sister went to Bulgaria as a volunteer via “BITISI” and that was the sign – I needed this too. So, I was checking “BITISI” news all the time and finally, I found out one of the best and admissible project for me, in Cyprus.

As I already mentioned, project name was “Think out of the box” and it was about how to develop life skills for entrepreneurship and how to get out of the box with our ideas in nowadays world. In Georgia it is difficult to think on a different way, because we have lot of stereotypes and borders even on our field. In case if we want to improve ourself, our ideas and make something valuable we should think out of the box. Leave all of this borders behind you and give your ideas way to success. It will help you in entrepreneurship issues as well. For example, I want to do some business. I need new and creative ideas, which will be basis of successful innovation. That was what I wanted from this project and finally, after a lot of interesting activities and experience I got a knowledge and opportunity how can I manage this.

In addition, we had interesting presentations, activities and shared information between countries about human rights. What are the problems connected to human rights, in each countries and how can we solve them.

It was the best experience for me and I am going to continue participating in “BITISI” projects and I dare you too. I promise you will never forget.