”Volunteering boosts confidence, never give up, get involved and rediscover yourself” • Ika Chukhua

Ika Chukhua is a Georgian volunteer who joined Stowarzyszenie POLITES, in Poland and carries out his long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what he says about his upcoming experience:


I’m ika 22 years old from Georgia , who has just graduated from University.  I’m always trying to find various projects or programs outside the University that will help me in my career advancement and development. Therefore, such opportunities are very important to me and a great source of motivation. That’s why I decided to take part in an international volunteering project.

I think a project like this gives young people the opportunity to conquer new peaks and make changes. Volunteering is a wonderful and unique opportunity as it not only benefits the beneficiaries, but also gives us volunteers various skills and experiences that can be applied to our own lives. Being solution focused, being creative, taking initiative, teamwork, active listening, negotiating and time management to name a few.

Volunteering boosts confidence. We are living in an era where life is extremely busy, so taking time out from busy schedules to volunteer gives me something different to be a part of, a new focus, an opportunity to meet new people, and hear new stories. From my personal perspective all of this can provide a new lease of life, a new spring in your step.

Of course there is nothing simple, during the volunteer program we have to live in a foreign country and in a foreign environment, but that is what gives us the opportunity to develop personally. Many times in our lives we will have to deal with problems independently and this project will help us to overcome this.

So young people who are interested or willing to participate in an international exchange project do not give up, get involved and rediscover yourself.” – Ika Chukhua