Career Choices Made Right • Youth Exchange • April 17-26 • Bakuriani, Georgia

“Career Choices Made Right” was an Erasmus + Youth Exchange project focusing on the topic of Career Guidance and Orientation.

Dates: April 17 – 26, 2022

Place: Bakuriani, Georgia

Participating countries: Spain, Georgia, Lithuania, Armenia, Greece and Turkey.

Project Description

The currents before us are ever-changing, we must adapt and press forward if we are to see our journeys end, and How will we know when we get there?

Thus the sun rises and shines the rays of hope on the young minds, as they set the sail into the seas of adventure, forests of doubt, and deserts of uncertainty, as they try to find themselves in this fast-changing world of ours.

There would be no such story, to begin with if it was not for Erasmus. They gave us the opportunity to participate in this youth Exchange program, to let Young minds get more information about professions and career paths that exists, to find their own way in life, and create the right mindset that determines the right career choice and development path that suits them the better, to break career stereotypes and promote equal opportunities, to see the value of cultural diversity and find new opportunities while respecting solidarity.

Georgia, Bakuriani 18th of April, the adventure begins, meeting new people and trying to pronounce and remember the names in the proper way by playing games and energizers.

During the days coming we were building connections and knowing each other’s cultures with every workshop and interaction. Friendships are slowly borning.

Moreover, we are learning about ourselves and what kind of person we are and we want to be with the help and the interaction with people that come from places that are not related to us. We come from different places but at the same time, we realized that we follow the same patterns.

Carrer workshops began (!) People help each other to understand our strengths and weaknesses and what suits us the best. Also, we could debate about other points of view where we could see that we have the same values.

We analyzed leadership types stages in some situations where we clearly and with humor we could see how different people approach leadership.

As Sunsets, the story comes to a conclusion, we go home and think about everything that happened during this journey. We discover ourselves in a new light which will mark the beginning of a new chapter, new possibilities, and a new world to integrate into.

Cultural nights are amazing, there we learn other’s languages and ways to act and do in situations. Also, they encourage us to look forwards to visiting our new Friends and visiting those countries in the future.

So ask yourself, what do you search for in life? How will you deal with the challenges that the word provides and how you will implement these experiences in your future career.

© Zura Goshadze, Marinos Gianis, Sergio Rouco Willata, Natella Akoyan

In the end, participants received YouthPass certificates that confirm their participation and the skills they gained during the project.