Aiming By Gaming Vol.2 • Youth Exchange • May 1-10 • Chester, UK

“Aiming By Gaming Vol.2” was an Erasmus + Youth Exchange project focusing on the topics of Gamification and Game-based Learning.

Dates: May 1 – 10, 2022

Place: Chester, United Kingdom

Participating countries: Turkey, Georgia, Lithuania, Armenia and United Kingdom.

Project Description

We carried out an 8-day-mobility based on non-formal learning methods. Apparently, the methodologies we discussed are considered as “boosters” of non-formal learning. So, it is beneficial to partners to be organizing these activities as they will apply it to the future projects of theirs. Participants have been taking part in workshops, discussions, debates; they were playing and learning, gamifying situations; making role-plays, simulations; attending masterclasses and putting their ideas into practice.

During these 8-day sessions the participants got to know each other; updated their knowledge and gained new competencies. Participants explored the elements of gamification which are badges, levels, targets, challenges, feedbacks, rewards, points, loyalty schemes, leader boards etc. They selected most appropriate ones and made presentations about them. As part of Game-based learning participants explored board games, simulations, role-plays, digital game-based learning, learning by doing.

Project Outcome

The main learning point for the participants and the one that we believe should be shared, was gamification and game-based learning. The participants have received information from the facilitators, have participated in discussions, debates and teamwork. They have shared the knowledge of the partners, the doubts have been eliminated and the competencies of the participants have been improved. Participants have had enough knowledge of the methodology to share and use it in the future. They have been endowed with skills as a result of their participation and have worked on a local project, in which they carried out the entire activity and received direct feedback from the attendees.

Regarding the main concepts, the participants have dealt with – What is gamification? What is game-based learning? – How do these two concepts promote non-formal learning? – How do gamification and game-based learning improve the quality of a session / workshop / event? How do they make activities more attractive? – How can we apply them successfully? – How can we benefit from it as young people?

Cultural awareness and expression: the exchange of young people promoted cultural expression. The participants had the opportunity to share their countries, their culture, their traditions and appreciate the importance of being free; not be afraid to express ideas, experiences and emotions. Our activities guaranteed the mental and physical activity of the participants, who enjoyed their uniqueness and appreciated the differences with others.

Communication in a foreign language: the main language we have had has been English. All sessions and activities were carried out in this language. This fact has promoted the improvement of the skills of young people. Some participants had few barriers to speaking a foreign language due to lack of practice, however we have made them feel good in an environment where participants are not ashamed to talk and develop.

Learning to learn: participants have had the challenge of having mobility abroad, organizing their own learning process. They have come across situations in which the participants have had to reflect and figure out how to find the correct decision. Our activities have enabled participants to make mistakes, get the necessary feedback, and stick with better methods. Participants have been able to organize their own sessions, create a local project and outreach activities.

In the end, participants received YouthPass certificates that confirm their participation and the skills they gained during the project.

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