”Everything is well thought and be brave, apply and show the world your persona” • Tamar Chkuaselidze

Tamar Chkuaselidze is a Georgian volunteer who joined VšĮ “Actio Catholica Patria” in Lithuania and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:


Greeting from Lietuva, the hidden gem of Europe. I am Tamar Ckuaselidze, 25 years old, working as an informal education coordinator. As a young person who is always striving for development,
volunteering in another country is a significant challenge. This experience truly makes you an
adult, because here you are responsible for yourself and your job, but living alone and exploring
develops your mental and cognitive strength.

European Solidarity Corps and BITISI made sure my traveling and accommodation would be safe
and cozy. But most importantly the whole 1 year journey is going to be magical, because trainings
and meeting with other people from different countries. It is like a dream come true. Here I also
learn Lithuanian language, traditions, culture and cuisine. Can’t wait to explore more!

At first it might appear scary, but I would advise young people who care about their development,
to be calm. Everything is well thought and be brave, apply and show the world your persona.
Being far away from home with strangers seems scary, however this experience will be
breakthrough to better future, where you are strong, integrated in European values, know what
you want. And everyone is rooting for you and making sure you are safe and comfortable.

The ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what’s built for.” – Tamar Chkuaselidze