14th Economic Forum of Young Leaders

On September 2-6, 2019 BITISI was presented at the biggest international social and economic meeting of young leaders in Europe. Its main aim is to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation among young leaders from programme and EECA countries and policy makers.

350 young leaders from 35 countries will meet in Poland for the 14th time to debate on the future of Europe. During mutual discussions and workshops, new ideas are developed, new inspirations are created and new decisions on taking mutual actions are made. They are meant to generate changes in the future. It is also a great chance to raise quality and improve recognition of youth work, share good practices in the frame of youth work. The 14th Economic Forum of Young Leaders takes place between 2nd and 6th of September 2019 in Nowy Sącz/Krynica Zdrój. The programme will focus on the following areas:

– Future of Europe

– Economic growth

– Changes in education

– Demography

– Youth entrepreneurship

– Business management

– Leadership and the role of young generation in the contemporary world.

“The biggest challenge of our times is to encourage young people like you to be more involved in public, political and social life. It is the strength and determination stemming from the youth that is an opportunity for Europe and any other country you represent. You have to play as a team, create a team and built it based on mutual trust”.

Gjorge Ivanov
President of North Macedonia, Honorary Guest of the 2015