“A unique opportunity to live in another country” • Elene Lezhava

“I have travelled internationally with family and friends on several occasions, but I am fully confident that Erasmus + experience is the one that helps and encourages everyone on a daily basis. “Aiming by gaming” was a project to participate for many reasons. Firstly, it was a unique opportunity for me to live in another country for 8 days and immerse myself in a different culture and language. Even though people are the same internationally, living abroad teaches many things about other people’s backgrounds, knowledge, religion, education, general thinking and lifestyle. The other reason is to share gained knowledge to the local communities. The experience of last youth exchange gave me a proper knowledge on the issues of gamification and game based learning methodology which I will definitely share to people living in Georgia. For sure I can say that this project gave me an ability to learn and to share many things, as well as equip myself with the skills like flexibility, creativity, self-awareness, effective communication and many more. Beyond any doubt it was the best experience in my life”.

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