“Erasmus is not a week in your life, but a life in a week” • Sandro Makasarashvili

“I participated in my first Erasmus + project “aiming by gaming” in Varna , Bulgaria (21-31 August).

During this days I learned and realized many things , I couldn’t imagine that you can gain such a huge respect to other people with their own different culture in this short period of the time , bond with people and become that close friends with them , I have been in touch with them for this 8 days and figured out that the lifestyle , views and opinions can be different , on every topic you can have different ideas, but at the end of the day you end up as a team as a group of friends and as a family . On the very first day on the first session this words were told to us: “Erasmus is not a week in your life, but a life in a week” , I couldn’t really understand the meaning of this because i imagined whole process to be different , but now if you ask me I’m gonna honestly reply to you that this was one of the best days and experiences in my life . As a member of BITIS , this project was great for me, I learned lot about main topic of the project – Gamification and Game based learning, got into details and I think i’m ready and able to spread my knowledge about this subject to others.

As i mentioned it was my first project , I don’t really know if all the projects are like this but the feeling and the emotions that it filled me with are going to stay with me forever and definitely I’m gonna try to participate in other Erasmus + projects .
P.S I really want to thank every single participant , because they are on of a kind , special and lovely individuals <3″.

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