Bulgaria – 2 Months

Deadline: 20/07/2020 |

EVS Bulgaria – archeology, traditions and creativity – activities are distributed in the field of cultural and historical heritage, including theoretical preparation, archaeological excavation under the guidance of specialists, preparation of promotional materials, brochures, foreign language preparation, etc.

The project covers four main work areas: social, archaeological and cultural activities, linguistic exchange, cultural exchange and raising awareness about environmental issues. All this is based on the joint commitment with the environment and community.

Venue: Velingrad Ahtopol
Entity: Foundation Way of Thracians.
Duration: 56 days(20.08.20 – 15.10.20).
What includes? Accommodation, money for food (€ 125/month), travel money (up to a fixed maximum), local transport (if needed) and Pocket money (€ 90/month).
Working day: 30-35h/week, 5 days/week.
Country: from EU and neighboring.
Thematic of the project: Participation in archaeological research and campaigns. Organizing workshops and events. Working in museum with archaeological artifacts.

“EVS Bulgaria – Archeology, Traditions and Creativity” was developed to support of the aims of the Foundation and the ERASMUS + program. Activities will take place in Bulgaria – a country with a rich history, traditions, crafts, preserved in our lands, crossroads of different cultures over the centuries. Volunteers will learn about the local characteristics of folk culture of Bulgarians and ethnic diversity.

Objectives of the project activities are:
 Social inclusion and active participation of young people in public life, increase activity, improve practical knowledge, skills and creativity of young people and build a sense of European citizenship, solidarity and tolerance, acquaintance and respect for different cultures and traditions.
 Creativity and creativity in the process of organizing and conducting festivals and cultural events.
 Understanding the concept of European citizenship and the rights of young people as European citizens through voluntary work. Learning new competencies.
 Awareness of the meaning of volunteering as a way for young people to be active citizens;
 Awareness of the benefits of belonging to the European Community and European citizenship
 Promoting the active citizenship of young people.
 Informing local communities on active citizenship as a whole and in particular on the European one and on opportunities for engaging in voluntary activities as a way for them to be active
 Promoting solidarity, tolerance, intercultural dialogue and understanding of others.
 Participating in the project, EVS volunteers will enrich and develop their organizational skills and entrepreneurship by planning, preparing and conducting various events and activities (campaigns, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, etc.), communication and language skills, working in multicultural team and building contacts and friendships with young people from Bulgaria and Europe, technical and computer skills and knowledge through the design of advertising materials, improvement of their creativity and responsibility, tolerance and solidarity. The volunteers will work in teams and will create useful contacts with young people and representatives of youth organizations from Bulgaria and other European countries.
 Participate in archaeological excavations under the guidance of leading specialists.
 Methodology – The methodology is based on the fundamental principles of non-formal education. The methods provide participants with the opportunity to participate fully in the process through key aspects of non-formal education.
 Furthermore, a fundamental element of the methodology is based on the holistic nature of learning experience through methods that include not only cognitive or intellectual approaches but also cover their emotional attitude towards them.
 The variety of working methods (presentations, seminars, individual questionnaires, project preparation and management, feedback techniques, teamwork, etc.) will help participants acquire new key competencies and experience
 The project allows participants to learn about Bulgarian culture and traditions, everyday life and living of the Bulgarians
 The participants will learn about the culture, traditions, customs, crafts and history of Bulgaria, will spend unforgettable days in the beautiful nature of Bulgaria, will feel the hospitality and gentle temper of Bulgarians.

Apply Now!

If you are interested please send your CV and a Motivation Letter (both written in English) to these emails: bitis.ge@gmail.com and d.kasmetska@mail.bg. Please indicate subject: “EVS Bulgaria – archeology, traditions and creativity”.