“This program will help me develop my skills and abilities” • Salome Kvitsiani

Salome Kvitsiani is one of the volunteers who will join organization CERT in Craiova, Romania and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps projects funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“First of all, I want to thank you for choosing me and giving me this opportunity to develop myself and use my experience as a volunteer in the project. Within this letter, I want to introduce myself and motivation to why I chose this project and how it will change mine and other people’s lives.

My name is Salome, I am 23 years old and I’ve always wanted to become a part of such a huge thing that would uniquely affect my life. I am a very active person who likes to try different things and never has been afraid of new challenges and provokes. I am a very friendly and open-minded person, and I am sure that this will help me to communicate with people and especially kids from different traditions and cultures.

Moreover, two years ago, I’ve graduated with a Business Management faculty that will also allow me to use my knowledge and skills in event management, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

I have found this unique opportunity close to my lifestyle with its content and specific requirement about a healthy lifestyle. I’ve spent my recent years going to the gym, eating healthy food, and taking care of the environment and I would love to share this experience with kids also and get to know more about health for myself as well.

This program will help me to develop the skills and abilities through the activities in which I can do my maximum to help those who need it most” – Salome Kvitsiani.