“After the isolation we need to spend more time in society” • Ana Melikidze

Ana Melikidze is one of the volunteers who will join organization CERT in Craiova, Romania and participate in a long-term European Solidarity Corps projects funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“One of the most important reason why I’d like to be volunteer is that I like having new experiences, which are given by new relationships. Sharing our interests and ideas helps us to go up and learn more about ourselves. I would be extremely happy to discover great people with a big personality. On the other hand, after the isolation (because of COVID-19) we need to spend more time in society.

I have chosen this project, because it is about popularization of sport and healthy lifestyle. These topics are near to my personality. I am quite active person and doing sport is the part of my daily life.

Another reason, why I am happy to be involved in the volunteering project is my positive dependence on relationships with children. On the one hand, we can make them more interesting and enjoyable environment. On the other hand, we can learn from children new aspects of humankind.

In conclusion, I hope I will get to know more about non-formal educations. Because I believe that non-formal activities have a huge effect on our point of view” – Ana Melikidze.