“I think that if a person wants to win, she/ he must take a bold step” • Ketevan Kitiashvili

Ketevan Kitiashvili is a Georgian volunteer who joined afteschool Közösségépítő Egyesület in Gyöngyös, Hungary and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“When I found out about this program, I thought that I definitely need to send the application because it is one of the best chances for me to be a volunteer and do something that is very close and precious to me. This is a relationship with children from which I always get positive emotions and joy. I can boldly say that children love me because they always feel the same from my side. I become a child when I interact with them. Not only I teach, but I learn from them as well.  It’s amazing how fast they develop and get new skills. That’s why it’s very interesting process for me.

I think that this program will help me to improve my skills and my vision regarding my profession as a social worker. Children and families are one of the target groups I would like to work with. That’s why I have chosen this program. It helps me to be able to gain practical experience, to see how other countries work and what kind of services and activities they have. Besides, for me it is very interesting to work in the intercultural community, to observe and learn from different kinds of perspectives. Other reason is that I would like to meet new people, make new friends and improve my language skills. I will visit different places in Hungary. I am especially interested in Budapest.

It is a big challenge and chance for me, because I would like to get more experience in my life. I like and I am interested in different cultures. That’s why I am looking for to be a member of the international team. By relationship with them, I will be able to know their culture and traditions better. In my opinion, working process will be dual – I can make suggestions based on my experience and I will learn a lot from them. It is very interesting process to find a solutions and different kinds of perspectives during the work.

The period of Coronavirus has convinced me that it is important to do what we love and don’t  waste time, don’t delay our plans for tomorrow. I think that if a person wants to win, she/he must take a bold step. So if I use this chance, I will point the plus on my wish list that I got into this program, spend one year abroad and do my favorite job” – Ketevan Kitiashvili.