“I knew something great was waiting for me” • Tamar Dgebuadze

Tamar Dgebuadze is a Georgian volunteer who joined Association SMART in Lecce, Italy and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“When I applied for the project and got accepted by the organization, I knew something great was waiting for me. I had a job that I liked a lot, but I needed changes for my personal and career growth. Moreover, I found out that the current situation was suitable for new beginnings. Given the pandemic situation, which has immensely affected Georgian Incoming Tourism, I could take advantage of this time and get more knowledge abroad and experience myself in a distinct working environment, as well as acquire new competencies by working in an international team.

Many people around me were skeptical but my friends and family supported me a lot. But, importantly I believed in my decision. From the proposed activities, I found that the Tourist Guide Volunteer profile suited me the best based on my previous experience; however, I could also be a great fit for the Marketing and Social Media Volunteering. I am a BA graduate from the Faculty of Business and Administration at Tbilisi State University, Georgia and I have worked in the Tourism business for the past 6 years. Therefore, I am very much into Italian culture and I am pleased to speak the Italian language. Importantly, I enjoy very much meeting different people from different backgrounds and emerging in their culture.

So now I am here, I am learning a bunch of stuff like social marketing, the local language, we have a super international cultural exchange. I dedicate this to the growth of myself and also, try to help women in local communities.

To sum up, I am grateful that I have this opportunity to see my future from a different perspective and enjoy my life and my independence” – Tamar Dgebuadze.