New eco-generations • Youth Exchange • February 22-28, 2021 • Online

5 Georgian participants + 1 Group Leader will participate in an Online Youth Exchange hosted by Asociación Feeding Zaragoza from Zaragoza, Spain. The project is named as New eco-generations and covered by Erasmus +.

Dates: February 22-28, 2021

Place: Zaragoza, Spain (Online)

Participating countries: Spain, Georgia, Lithuania, Turkey.

Project Description

The main objective would be understand in which point where organizations and associations are in other European countries and the social impact they are having and creating, in this way to ensure that young people through their own motivation develop a critical sense of the environment around them and are then able to use a range of tools learned during the project, such as moderation during assemblies or the improvement of the foreign language, becoming the key actors in social change at regional and national levels. In this way change this undesired environment in an optimal way and that does not imply an emotional wear, creating a feeling of group. Overcoming cultural barriers and the different contexts from which they all came during the project will also help to achieve all this successfully.

In turn, develop their skills with new technologies by creating a platform to showcase these tools, to motivate more young Europeans and at the same time maintain the bonds created by being able to see our progress and advances.


The main activity of the project will be a youth exchange that will bring together young people from four countries in the European context, with 6 participants per group (group leader included) plus the two facilitators for a total of 26 people in total. This activity will seek to train young people in building democratic spaces, skills related to environmentalism and emotional intelligence.

The profile of the participants will be people between 16 and 18 years old, bringing together people with a predisposition but no experience in associations or social movements. They will contrast with those who do have some experience in assembly spaces, this contrast will be useful when commenting on the situation in the associations nowadays.

The objective of this activity and as a final project, the participants will create by national groups some type of association or assembly where they can apply everything they have learned, work in a field where they feel motivated and be able to keep in touch with the projects initiated by the other national groups.

You can read stories of Georgian participants to know more about the project: Miranda Kharaishvili, Anano Gagnidze, Rusudan Gurgenidze, Gvantsa Todua, Tata Tsintsadze, Elene Atcharadze.