“I am already in Germany and I feel very motivated now” – Nana Shaibazova

Nana Shaibazova is a Georgian volunteer who joined non-governmental organization Kinderhaus Wittlager Land gGmbH in Essen, Germany and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“I remember that moment when I received the letter from organization and I’ve read it manytimes to make sure that I understand it correctly. It was very exciting for me to be selected forthe volunteering program.I know that it will be really life changing experience for me, becauseit’s going to be my first youth exchange experience abroad.I expect that something very goodand interesting starts in my life as I will meet new people with different cultures and I willlearn German language finally, that is going to be a bit hard for me to do after another 6languages that I already speak.

As I am involved in non-formal education for more than 6 years, this long-term volunteeringprogram is a good chance for me to develop my professional,social and personal skills,mycompetences and more.I am sure that the program will have a huge impact on me as I will livein a very different community for one year. I am from Georgia-very multicultural and diversecountry so for me, it won’t be a challenge to live with people from different countries with different cultures. I have been interested in languages and culture since I was young.Erasmus+ is the best way to use my knowledge and improve my skills.My sending and receivingorganisations helped me a lot in this long period of preparation.BITISI gave me a chance to bea part of this very interesting project what I am thankful for.My sending organization helpedme to easily get integrated with receiving organization as well.

My great desire to participate in the project was due to the fact that I always want to findsomething new in life, to discover, to enjoy communicating with people, as each of us isunique. This project allows people to realize and become more confident in themselves;makes it possible to share the kindness that I love to do. I am sure that the unity of our worldis exactly in diversity, which is the reason why I want this project to be the start for myforeign development.

I have never been in another country for educational programs and this one year should bethe best start for me. The activities that volunteering programs have as usual contribute tomy career and personal development are such valuable for me.The main reason why Iwanted to participate in European Solidarity Corps volunteering program in Germany is thatthis long-term project helps people to realize how can we use our opportunities and sharekindness and knowledge.In my life,I have participated in many projects and in all of them Iwas a volunteer. The best part of volunteering are happy people with smile,new discoversand opportunities to see a different world. Unfortunately, I don’t speak German at themoment, but the project gives volunteers a chance to learn it during this program. I amalready in Germany and I feel very motivated now.”- Nana Shaibazova