“Never give up, and always strive to achieve your goals!” • Mariam Chitadze

Mariam Chitadze is a Georgian volunteer who will join Non-gormental organization GEGED in Gaziantep, Turkey and carry out her short-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

“I am Mariam, 21 years old student. Three years ago, I enrolled at Ilia State University, but for a year and a half I have been studying in an unusual environment due to pandemic. COVID-19 has changed our daily lives, but even in this difficult situation, some unexpected pleasant news happens. During this period, I discovered BITISI’s project, which gave me the opportunity to participate in Erasmus + and go to Turkey for two months within the European Solidarity Corps project. I think that it would be a great chance to gain some experience in building new relationships and I am so glad to have this opportunity. Also, sharing opinions, points of view and knowledge, will broaden my horizon. As a foreigner, I would be happy to share Georgian traditions to people I will meet there, as well as collaborate and cooperate. Besides, I am sure that this experience will undoubtedly improve my English skills. Since my childhood I have been learning English as my first foreign language but being in English speaking environment can make me even think in this language as saying goes: “Practice makes perfect”.

I think that this project will be the great way to learn a lot of things about myself because I am really getting out of my own comfort zone and start living with the people I will meet.

I am sure that for this period I will be fulfilled with positive emotions and unforgettable moments. During the project, we will have a lot of interesting and significant activities connected to the main topic. I believe that exchange project is an experience that one never forgets. And remember never give up, and always strive to achieve your goals!” – Mariam Chitadze.