“Everything around me is so different and more interesting.” • Anano Isakadze

Anano Isakadze is a Georgian volunteer who joined Non-gormental organization “Way of Thracians” in Vratsa, Bulgaria and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about his upcoming experience:

“My name is Anano isakadze, I am student in the faculty of managment at university of bussines and tecnology. Many reasons triggered my desire to apply for addmission to exchange program.

Firstly,pandemic period in Georgia was very stressful,i missed active life and communication. So that was amazing opportunity for me to explore more and more, get closer to new culture and see the world as beautiful as it is.

Secondly, joining this exschange program will significantly benefit me by opening my mind. Meeting new people coming from different countries and interaction with local  people will help me acquire cultural diversity. This will undoubtedly broaden my global understanding.

Also, I will able to share my knowledge about Georgia with my conference fellows and more become a representative of my country. I have never practice in any exchange program so this is first time when i am abroad without friends and family. Everything around me is so different and more interesting.

Also, I hope I will get the chance to travel to different parts and regions of bulgaria in order to discover the beauty of the country. i’m sure that this program help me to develop my personal skills, get unforgettable life experience and figure out how to do new things or handle any situation” – Anano Isakadze.