“Help others without expecting payback from them.” • Gigi Kobakhidze

Gigi Kobakhidze is a Georgian volunteer who joined Non-gormental organization “Way of Thracians” in Vratsa, Bulgaria and carries out his long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what he says about his upcoming experience:

“I am Gigi, 19 years old. Two years ago I enrolled in Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University at the department of International Relations but due to the pandemic, I had to study online for entirely three semesters that was not pleasant at all. However, I have seen so many opportunities not to stop my personal as well as career development. That was exactly BITISI, a non-governmental organization, which give young people an excellent chance to become an exchange volunteer abroad. For such a person, who always aims for self-improvement, I saw this programme as a kind of experiences, which prepare the ground for upcoming challenges that lead to my bright future. BITISI has opened up the challenged in my life that has truly been changed at the exact moment I was chosen for the ESC long-term (4 months) project in Bulgaria, Vratsa. To do a volunteering service in a completely different environment, different country, is related to several benefits for a motivated person.

At first, I will have a chance to practice my English that is essential to our daily lives. Besides that, I am open to such an opportunity to meet people from all over the world and therefore widen my horizons about their cultural backgrounds and identities. Also sharing my opinions, talking to them about my country and building the friendly relationships are the factors that have always driven me to do more. However, the most important aspect of this programme is that I will be honored to help other people for free; That’s what volunteering truly means, to give as much as you can by heart and not expect something back in return. No doubt, it is the worth I can in this programme in Bulgaria. Follow not your dreams but goals and not only for your but for everyone’s good. This may exactly shows the idea of my presence in Bulgaria and moreover the idea of all volunteering exchanges under Erasmus+. It’s the best way to prepare the ground for your successful future and at the same time help others without expecting payback from them” – Gigi Kobakhidze.