Out of the Box • Training Course • July 4-11, 2021 • Cyprus

BITISI has sent 3 Georgian participants to Pissouri, Cyprus where they attended training course “Out of the Box” funded by Erasmus +.

Dates: July 4-11, 2021

Place: Pissouri, Cyprus

Participating countries: Cyprus, Georgia, France, Italy, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal.

Project Description

OUT OF THE BOX was a project that utilizes a lot of alternate, exciting and interesting indoor and outdoor activities, in order to meet its purposes. Through the implementation of this project we aimed, primarily, to contribute to the development and evolvement of young people from Europe while promoting the need for self-awareness, innovation and face of discrimination. Specifically, this project developed participants’ self-awareness, in combination with the promotion of need of the awareness of HR. Furthermore, we came up against the factors which depreciate the way we understand ourselves. Moreover, the implementation of this project helped us discover our strengths and to understand that hidden within every weakness are our strengths. As we focused on ourselves and start evaluating our current behaviour, in comparison to our internal standards and values, we became self-conscious, and we became an objective evaluator of ourselves.


The project “OUT OF THE BOX” implemented many non-formal and informal-learning-kind activities, which undoubtedly stimulated the interest of the participants. Activities were exciting, funny and focused on the aims and the objectives of the project. Specifically, each day of the training we used non-formal and informal learning activities, as following:
– Discussions through interractive games and dance.
– Interractive games to energize the participants.
– Ice braking game activities: “Get-to-know each other”, “Personal Artifact Game”
– Discussions for the aims of the training.
– Big-group’s work and use of imagination as far as Human Rights, Self-knowledge and Innovation.
– Writing on papers (a) their expectations from the project, (b) their fears and (c) their contribution to the project.
– Writing and signing the “Contract” between the participants and the trainers for the training.
– Creativity Challenges “Jump Start An Ideation Session”, “Learn From Observing Human Behavior”.
– Small-groups’ works and use of imagination as far as Human Rights, Self-knowledge, Innovation and becoming active listener
– Drawing activities concerning innovation and flexibility.
– Discussion on HR and self-knowledge
– Discussion and questions after each activity.
– Discussion and questions about what they have learned during each day and how they will use the acquired knowledge.
– Knowing Cyprus through culture, dances, food and drinks from Cyprus.
– “Every weakness has a corresponding strength” activities.
– Examples and discussion in round circle, discussion in small groups, discussion concerning many kinds of strengths and weaknesses.
– Working in groups on matters which concern imagination, creativity, self-knowledge and empathy.
– Teamwork game activity “Lego Building Challenge” concerning problem-solving, team building skills, thinking out of the box and discussion.
– Work in groups, activity “The Egg Drops” concerning problem-solving, personal development, team building.
– Discussions between group members concerning interaction, cooperation, development of skills, empathy, self-awareness of our own group role and assumption about others.
– Knowing the culture of all the participants’ countries through food, music, dances and drinks.
– Role playing, Game Activity, Group work, discussion, Simulation.
– Work in groups in circles, discussion, examples, interaction, how each one evaluates him/herself and how the others perceive his/her evaluation, agree, disagree, why.
– Knowing the culture of 3 participants’ countries through food, music, dances and drinks.
– Visits in Limassol (in an archaeological place-Curium, in a religious place- church of Aghia Napa, attendance to the National Day Parade of 25th of March), Self-awareness and knowing your history (civilization, religion, ancestors) is important about knowing yourself.
– A walk in Limassol just to know the city where we are hosted.

You can read stories of Georgian participants to know more about the project: Diana Tsiklauri, Ana Kekoshvili, Diana Rogava.

Video Collage

Georgian participants created an evaluative video of “Out of the Box”. It involves some memories they generated and experience they attained. Enjoy watching it!