Motification – gamification for motivation • Youth Exchange • August 20 – 29, 2021 • St. Primus, Austria

BITISI has sent 8 Georgian participants to Klagenfurt, Austria where they attended a youth exchange “Motification – Gamification for motivation” funded by Erasmus +.

Dates: August 20 – August 29, 2021

Place: Klagenfurt, Austria

Participating countries: Austria, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Romania.

Project Description

Motification is an 8-day-mobility based on non-formal learning methods. Apparently, the methodologies we discuss are considered as “boosters” of non-formal learning. So, it is beneficial to partners to be organizing these activities as they will apply it to the future projects of theirs. Participants will be taking part in workshops, discussions, debates; they will be playing and learning, gamifying situations; making role-plays, simulations; attending masterclasses and putting their ideas into practice.


There will be a total of 36 participants from 6 different countries including group leaders and facilitators (6), people with social/ economic/ cultural obstacles (9). Participants will be comprised of young people and volunteers aged 16-27 years and having a strong will/ motivation to explore the concepts of gamification and game-based learning. They have curiosity to explore a new methodology and apply it to personal lives. Sessions will be in English, but we are aiming to involve one with poor English language skills in case they demonstrate a high sense of motivation. Gender balance will be ensured in the national and entire teams of participants. Group leaders are going to be over 18 with no upper age limits. They will provide good skills in English and previous experience in Erasmus + as well as high motivation. They will have skills in facilitation and mentorship. Motification provides opportunities for people with fewer opportunities too. They will represent groups having issues with interaction with the society; having risky behaviors and distance from society. There will be youth from poor families, depending on the social welfare. The project gives space for ethnic minorities too. They are main groups of having lack of motivation and optimism so that gamification and game-based learning will have great impact on their everyday lives. Non-formal learning sessions, activities and workshops will provide a high sense of inclusion and their relevant engagement and proactivity.

Here you can take a look at Georgian participants Feedback about the project:

Mariam Gelashvili

It is a great experience for me to participate in this project. Within the project, I got the best people and also learn about other cultures. Most importantly I understand about “Motification- Gamification”.

Nino Tsertsvadze

I am Nino and this was my first exchange project and this was extremely better than i was expecting. Firstly, i’ve learned more about gamification and game-based learning but the main highlight was that i’ve met new amazing people from different countries and we were working together. That was really amazing and unforgettable experience.

Mariam Durglishvili

This was one of the biggest step in my life. I think that we covered everything, what Erasmus + includes. These days will not be forgotten in my memories, always will be reminded. Big thanks!

Mariam Kheladze

Hello! I am Mariam Kheladze, one of the participants of the Erasmus+ project. To put into words what I feel and how I enjoyed in this project would be a difficult task but I will try… From the first day of being here I was in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Every activity was full of interesting elements which will be useful in my everyday life. I am so sorry that these amazing days are about to finish but I will try my best to take part in this kinds of projects as soon as possible.

Mari Rodonaia

Hello, I’m Mariam 18 years old and it was my first youth exchange project. I’m thankful that I got this experience. I learned what is Gamification and I’m sure that it will be useful to me. Also, it was pleasant to meet people from foreign countries, to have a chance to introduce Georgia to them, and to get to know their cultures too. In a nutshell, it really gave me the motivation to continue to take part in other youth exchange projects as well.

Nika Vashakidze

It’s very rare when the reality exceeds expectations but I guess this project truly was a rare and special occasion. From breathtaking Austrian Alps to the best international community this project had it all. I feel beyond grateful and extremely lucky to had been given this life-changing opportunity. I strongly believe these Austrian days will hold a very unique place in all of our hearts.

Sopiko Gogritchiani

It is obvious, that youth exchange programs trully changes everyone in some ways. For me, the project “Motification – gamification for motivation” was full of new interesting experiences. i tough many things that i will definitely apply in my life.. Meeting new people, new cultures helped me to open up my perspectives and view of life. And This was a project, where i decided that in the future i am definitely going to continue to raise my self awareness in youth exchange programs.