”In my mind, there is no experience more meaningful, more booster and more eye-opening than being a volunteer” • Natia Lursmanashvili

Natia Lursmanashvili is a Georgian volunteer who joined Stowarzyszenie POLITES, in Poland and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +. Read what she says about her upcoming experience:


I’m Natia 22 years old Georgian girl, who has just graduated from university. After long period of formal education I decided to take a gap year and try something different. So, what was a good option? Of course it’s a volunteering abroad and European Solidarity Corps. is a great chance for everyone, who just want to change something in their life, want to make new experiences, to meet new people and most important to change their daily life, so here I am.

For me, living in another country such a long period and being volunteer in this project means to see the world with different eyes, it is a chance to live my dream life scenario, because it will help me to meet people from all over the Europe, get and share cultural experiences, discover new traditions, cities and create stories and memories that worth to remember.

I think that, this project gives me an opportunity to become more independent and confident person. In my belief, decisions like this are not scary, they are exciting, because at this moment life gives you chance to live a life far away from your home to experience things you never thought of experiencing before and I believe that these little things might change a lot in me. Volunteering is a way to improve and learn such a kind of skills that helps me in the future career, explore new cultures, new language and traditions will be practical for me and also it gets me a chance to represent my country in abroad. I believe that volunteering in Poland gives me endless opportunities to try something different and worldwide, to fill up with positive energy, which is so important during pandemic, 😊 and I think that this little adventure gives me a perfect time to get to know myself or to rediscover myself.

I know that this experience will change my life forever, because getting out of your comfort zone always means a great way to discover who you truly are as an independent human being and help you to become worthy global citizen. In my mind, there is no experience more meaningful, more booster and more eye-opening than being a volunteer.

So, Poland, a new home for the next ten month, see you soon and can’t wait to start new beginnings to create the best period of my life.