Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion II • Youth Exchange • Pissouri, Cyprus

BITISI has sent 8 Georgian participants to Pissouri, Cyprus where they attended a youth exchange “Climate Changes As Fast As Fashion II” funded by Erasmus +.

Dates: August 29 – September 5, 2021

Place: Pissouri, Cyprus

Project Description

CCAFAF II is a project which is going to utilize a lot of alternate, exciting and interesting indoor and outdoor activities, in order to meet its purposes. Through the implementation of this project we aim, primarily, to contribute to the development and involvement of young people from Europe while promoting the need for self-awareness, innovation and face of environmental problems with circular economy. Specifically, this project wants to achieve intends to develop each one’s self-awareness, in combination with the promotion of need of the awareness of HR. Furthermore, it purposes to come up against the factors which depreciate the way we understand ourselves. Moreover, the implementation of this project aims to discover our strengths and to understand that hidden within every weakness are our strengths, so sometimes we must look at them from a new perspective. As we focus on ourselves and start evaluating our current behavior, in comparison to our internal standards and values, we become self-conscious, and we become an objective evaluator of ourselves. Another basic purpose of the project is to encourage youths to be as much as possible innovative. They will understand that getting out of the box, giving their own ideas, leads to innovation, innovation leads to success and success leads to further improvement of what they are thinking. Those factors are interconnected. By implementing this project, we also aim to encourage people use their strengths and powers to overcome environmental problems like climate change, greenhouses gases, tons of garbage everywhere and a lot of pollution anywhere resulting from ignorance and infringement of our HR.


There will be a total of 36 participants from 6 different countries including group leaders and facilitators (6), people with social/ economic/ cultural obstacles (9). Participants will be comprised of young people and volunteers aged 16-27 years and having a strong will/ motivation to explore the concepts of gamification and game-based learning. They have curiosity to explore a new methodology and apply it to personal lives. Sessions will be in English, but we are aiming to involve one with poor English language skills in case they demonstrate a high sense of motivation. Gender balance will be ensured in the national and entire teams of participants. Group leaders are going to be over 18 with no upper age limits. They will provide good skills in English and previous experience in Erasmus + as well as high motivation. They will have skills in facilitation and mentorship. Motification provides opportunities for people with fewer opportunities too. They will represent grWe are going to have through our project one main activity, the YE of youngsters (ages from 16 to 20) that is going to be at the end of August and beginning of September. Through this main activity a lot of objects will be done before and after the activity as it was explained in many answers in our proposal. The project “CCAFAF II” plans to implement many non-formal and informal-learning-kind activities, which will undoubtedly stimulate the interest of the participants, they will be exciting, funny and focused on the aims and the objectives of the project. Specifically, each day of the training we will use non-formal and informal learning activities, as following:
– Discussions through interactive games and dance.
– Interactive games to energize the participants.
– Ice braking game activities
– Discussions for the aims of the YE.
– Big-group’s work and use of imagination as far as environmental problems, Self-knowledge and Innovation creating their own green projects.
– Writing on papers (a) their expectations from the project, (b) their fears and (c) their contribution to the project.
– Writing and signing the “Contract” between the participants and the trainers for the YE.
– Creativity Challenges “Island of Cyprus 39 years after the Great Energy Destruction”, “Front Page for Climate Change”.