“We-Social Entrepreneurs” • Make it Eco

Georgian participants of “Make a Difference” shared their experience among the students of Georgian Technical university business administration faculty.

The meeting was devoted to promote the Erasmus + programme youth and share the results generated during the youth exchange project our team took part in.

This poster was designed during the Youth Exchange project. Participants from Lithuania, Armenia and the UK made a research about Social Entrepreneurship in Georgia. They made a poster explaining the definition, priviledges, legislation, examples of social enterprises in Georgia.

During the meeting at STU, Georgian participants made energizers, games; carried out a presentation and transmitted their knowledge to peers. Georgians presented one of the business idea developed during the project: “Bambooth” – this was about an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush and a toorhpaste. They heared the opinion of peers about it and tried to improve the idea more.

“Make a Difference” is an Youth Exchange project funded by the UK National Agency of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.

Stories from the project:

“I made presentations about my experience in the field of SE. I have been part of business incubators and I shared their links. I think I contributed well in the project on the other hand I am more confident now and my knowledge in terms of SE in other countries are improved” – Barbare

“Even though we were participating online, I felt like I was physically there. I was really engaged in the planning sessions and I was close to my Georgian team so that we could have good interaction. I learned about Social Enterprises and I improved my communication skills” – Vika

“I realized that anyone can be entrepreneur. Taking care of the nature is our duty. I was part of a big Erasmus + family” – Ana

“I participated in “Make a Difference” programme. This was an unique experience despite some disappointments. I am lucky to learn business model canvas, swot & pestel analysis; worked on generating business ideas, etc. My entrepreneurial spirit is improved and I am more tolerant towards other people now” – Tatia

“I made friendships with people from different backgrounds and countries. I believe this connections will last long time. I am more motivated to take social actions in the future” – Mariami

Video Summary of the Project