Connected With Nature

On July 14 we gathered young people to share our knowledge related to nature. We made discussions about the benefits of doing yoga. We created stories, sang without words, shared creative ideas, discussed ecotherapy, environmental protection, cultural awareness etc.

In recent years it is a fact that we are constantly hearing about climate change and its devastating effects on the environment and humans. The fast pace of life, life in cities away from the environment and the rise of technology, have resulted in our alienation from nature and the rise of physical and mental diseases in humans, as shown by scientific studies.

Given the situation with the pandemic where we had to be locked in our homes for many months, we all felt this need for contact with nature, to breathe fresh air and calm down listening to its natural sounds. So, thinking of our natural need for contact with the environment, we decided to create this training and experience all the benefits that nature can give us but also to learn valuable methods of calm and well-being that participants can use at any time in their lives. The training was held in Cyprus.

Georgian participants of the training met local youngsters in Tbilisi. They shared the results and helped other youth improve their competences related to nature.