Increase Your Leadership Skills • Training Course • April 17-23 • Bakuriani, Georgia

Increase Your Leadership Skills” was an Erasmus + Mobility of Youth Workers focusing on the topic of Leadership.

Dates: April 17-23, 2023

Place: Bakuriani, Georgia

Participating countries: Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain, Morocco, Albania, Armenia, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

Project Description

The project “Increase Your Leadership Skills” was inspired by these Leaders and is the driving force behind its conception. Our aim was to inspire youth who have leadership potential, a new generation of leaders to lead the way, and focus on driving successful projects from 11 different countries come all around Europe and its neighboring countries. We aimed to increase inter-cultural competences, share best practices, and contribute to improving the quantity and quality of future projects. We developed leadership that acts in the interest of local communities and on an international level, helping them drive their own self-development to gain new leadership skills.

This Training Course also had the following objectives:

• To help participants understand fundamentals of leadership strengthening their understanding of its key concepts & understanding their own leadership style;

• To work with participants to deep dive into self-reflection and drive self-awareness and self-development helping them truly understand what it takes to be a leader;

• To utilise experience gained through previous work on international projects and working with local organizations;

• To build a strong foundation and awareness of the basics of leadership and establishing their purpose as a leader and the mindset they need core leadership practice;

• To direct participants effectively to understanding their responsibility in being an effective member of civil society;

• To train participants on the positive effects and benefits of fostering an inclusive and diverse environment and targeting different groups in society.

Nanuki, one of the Georgian participants, says that it was a valuable memory.

«Gaining information about other people, culture and leadership skills together is an amazing opportunity to become better version of yourself and to never stop progressing», — she adds.

This was an international training course to be implemented in Bakuriani, Georgia on. We invited 24 participants from the EU and partner counteries. Participants were youth 18+ years old and above. All partners had the unique experience of working in the youth field that played a key role in suggesting relevant participants. These were youth leaders, activists, project managers, facilitators, active members of NGOs. We targeted these groups simply because we know these are the people having knowledge and motivation thus driving our agenda further in building competencies within the topics of participation and active leadership.

Some key methods used in the non-formal learning environment include energisers, brainstorming sessions, active and inclusive discussions, and knowledge and experience sharing.

«It is important to support young people develop Leadership comptences at their early age», — says Levan – Director of BITISI.

One of the most interesting moments of the exchange are the cultural evenings of each of the participating countries. Participants could study the culture and history of countries, dance national dances, sing traditional songs, taste national cuisine. Such youth exchanges are a great opportunity to gain international experience, find friends from all over the world, creatively present your country, practice English, travel and just have fun.

Giorgi – another Georgian participant of the Training Course shares their feedback with us:

“I meet so many amazing people from the different countries and had honour of cultural exchanges, which is what I love and enjoy mostly. Eleni was the best trainer I have ever meet, so sweet and equipped with all of the skills what the best trainer needs. The team was perfect for improving leadership skills with them. I’m thankful for everyone for this great week”.

Remember that opportunities are always nearby. Each of us can change the world for the better.

In the end, participants received YouthPass certificates that confirm their participation and the skills they gained during the project.