“Volunteering now gives me a huge opportunity to get more life experience and quality education” • Diana Tsiklauri

Diana Tsiklauri is a Georgian volunteer, who recently moved in Romania and carries out her long-term European Solidarity Corps project fully funded by Erasmus +.

Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

Hello! My name is Diana. A year ago, I graduated from Caucasus University and took a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. After a long student life period I wanted to take a break from study, but still wanted to continue self-development and improvement. Therefore, I decided to go abroad and live in different society for a while. I had volunteering experience during my student period, but all of them were short-terms. So, based on this experience, I decided, long term volunteering program would be the best thing to do.

For me, Romania has always been associated with calm and peaceful place to live. According to my personal characteristics, I know that living in Romania won’t be only an amazing life experience, it will be beneficial for my future development as well.

The main idea of the program is very interesting and appealing to me, the key idea is mostly about non-formal education and includes communication with scholars. These factors were the key, which made me sure that I really wanted to take part in this long term project. also, it worth mentioning, that my future plans and professional ways are connected to education. So, via this program, I will be able to try living in different society, gain a lot new skills.

When I think what I want to do rest of my life, what will be my actual job – a very first thing which comes to my mind is teaching. When I think what is the best thing to do for my country and what I can do to improve the system and help future generations to get high quality education. This program is really helpful, one step forward, being closer to my life plans. It will take huge impact on my and to be honest, I am counting on it.